What to pack in your hospital bag

What to pack in your hospital bag

October 17, 2018

Once you arrive at the thirty four week mark of your pregnancy it is time to get your head in the game, let’s pack our bags! You might not be going on a holiday but get ready to pack like you’ve never packed before. If baby brain gets in the way or you just like to be as organised as possible it is best to tick everything off of your list and pack exactly what you need. Get your hospital bag ready with our handy checklist below!

The important things (these will get you in the door)
 - Medicare card - basically just remember your wallet!
 - Health insurance details - the bits and bobs the hospital will need
 - Hospital paperwork - anything you were given in preparation for your stay

The comfy things (there will be no skinny jeans around here for a while, bring these to stay super comfortable)
 - Dressing gown - the fluffier the better
 - Slippers - proper shoes are optional for the entirety of your stay
 - T-shirt - think big and loose!
 - Socks - to keep cold feet warm on tiles
 - Heat pack - who doesn’t love a heat pack
 - Pillow - if you have a specific one that helps you sleep

The birth things (for while you play the waiting game)
 - Magazines/books - to keep the brain occupied
 - Music - for when you need to relax
 - Massage/aromatherapy oils - for when your birth partner steps in to help you out

The helpful things (to help you after the birth)
 - Maternity pads - anything to make you more comfortable
 - Nursing bra - thank us later
 - Any or all other things that will help your body heal afterwards!

The baby things (for your new family member!)
 - First outfit - for amazingly cute photos
 - Nappies - so many nappies
 - Blanket - to keep your little one warm
 - Sleep suit - for general comfiness

Image: @brittanyviklund

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