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What does it mean if your child has dyslexia?

What does it mean if your child has dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a sort of learning difficulty where it is hard for people to acquire literacy skills. It is a high possibility that if your kid is having some difficulty in listening, speaking, writing, reading or spelling, then they might be suffering from dyslexia. Such children are taught using alternative techniques to the conventional ways. And in most cases, if you detect it soon, then it will be quite easy to give them the proper support and care.

What does it mean for kids?

Although a child having dyslexia may have difficulty with specific things at school, it doesn’t necessarily mean their lower intelligence. In fact, the child might have extraordinary talents and gifted skills. People having dyslexia have various differences in their brain structure and function, which makes them unique having their own weaknesses and strengths. This also means that although children with dyslexics can have problems with words, letters, musical symbols or letters, they are more likely to possess special skills in areas dealing with art, computing and engineering. Parents and children are greatly relieved when the doctors tell them about dyslexia as most parents find it as a source to discover new talents instead of being considered stupid or dull.

What is the percentage of children having dyslexia?

Generally, about 4-5% of kids suffer from serious dyslexia and about 10% show minor signs. However, this runs genetically so if someone is suffering from it, then there are high chances that your kid might have it too. In most cases, dyslexia is seen in boys.

How to know if your child has dyslexia?

If you are worried that your child is showing signs of dyslexia then you need to consult the doctor or a health professional as soon as possible. Most of its signs can be confused with other disorders and in most cases, parents fail to recognise it.

How to treat dyslexia?

There are a number of steps that can help your child with dyslexia. It is just a learning difficulty and should not be considered a disease. So it cannot be cured like normal disorders but your child can be treated and trained to manage it effectively. Children having dyslexia can benefit a lot from special educational care. Your child will most likely reach his or her full potential if this teaching process is started during the early stages of diagnosis.

Children having dyslexia only need some additional help in their classroom. This means that it is important for them to attend specific lessons during school. The parents should also play their part to give special education to their kids. You can take advice from your doctor and teacher to help your child have the special care.

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