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The most valuable tips for dressing your baby

The most valuable tips for dressing your baby

Enjoy the perfect gender surprise by seeking help from a few dressing ideas that we bring your way.

The minute you get pregnant, you start to imagine the changes the little one will bring in your life. You start to plan every moment and gather the stuff that you imagined the baby might need. In all the chaos of shopping and hustling, you need to take your time thinking about the kind of clothes you’ll buy for the tiny being. While some mums might want to know the baby gender beforehand, others like to be surprised right in the delivery room with the little one in their hands. If you’re the latter one, then try these clothing tips for your newborn.

Gender-neutral clothes and colours

We all know there are numerous options in gender-neutral clothes. You need to focus on just buying the essentials. The white and yellow colour combination can bring in the cuteness factor and also, keep your secret in a well sorted way. There are so many brands that manufacture darling clothing pieces that do not reveal the gender of the baby and keep it all subtle. They are washable which means more comfortable use for the baby and a long lasting choice while staying on budget. Moreover, once you get to hold the baby, you might want to add something girly as a pink bow or a blue cap to the baby’s outfit to make it more gender-specific. From sleeper gowns to swaddle blankets to footie PJs to bandana bibs, everything comes in every colour under the sky so you can choose whatever suits your taste and budget. Don’t bundle up everything, instead, find the products that you’ll absolutely need and keep yourself organized.

Prewash whatever you buy

It is very important to consider all aspects of keeping the baby safe. That is why you need to prewash everything that you put on your little one. If your baby has a sensitive skin, then it requires double care and consideration. The extra chemicals and dyes that are processed during manufacturing clothing can make new clothes stiff and can be a source of rash and itching. So washing the fabrics can make the clothes safe for the baby and bring extra comfort. It also wipes away any sort of dust or dirt particles that might have stuck to them while production. Let the fresh new skin of your little one remain as it is without any skin diseases.

Prepare a gender surprise for yourself

Ask the doctor to write down the baby’s gender and seal it in an envelope. Send it to your favourite baby hamper site. With your partner’s help, get yourself the specific coloured baby’s clothes and other products delivered at the day of labour. It will be an amazing surprise when you find the best quality clothing products in blue or pink.  This will bring you double happiness and also make it a perfect gender celebration party for yourself.

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