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The Importance of Books in Your Kid’s Life

The Importance of Books in Your Kid’s Life

We know that books are the solution to all problems. And that is why, they should be a priority in your kid’s daily routine.

Introducing your child to the pleasure of reading a good book is the most memorable moment. Even though the child cannot read anything until the age of 5 years old, yet he or she can enjoy the picture book as early as at the age of 8 months. He will enjoy his time with you while listening to the book. By letting you little one have the impression of books as fun and informative, you can introduce your child to the love for learning in a short span.

According to several studies, the children who spend most of their childhood with books tend to develop amazing spoken language skills. Listening to sentences repeatedly several times a day gives them the chance to copy those when they start to join together words. Reading to your kid while he looks at the pictures gives them the idea of the whole story by connecting the visuals with the sounds. Giving them the concepts of anger, sadness and happiness, you can enhance their learning spectrum at a very young age.

Usually, bedtime is the conventional time for making your child get familiar with the concept of reading. But there is no particular rule for that. You can spend any hour of the day with your kid and read him his favourite books. You don’t have to take out hours of your busy routine, a mere session of 20 minutes will be just as effective.

It is very important for your child to connect reading with positivity. Don’t rush into finishing a book, instead spend time with your kid while looking at the pictures and describing them together at the end of each page. You also need to switch off any smart devices to avoid any sort of interruption and give your kid the quality time. Try not to angry or cross during the reading time.

The best practice is to make your child a member of a children’s library as early as possible where your kid can also enjoy a play area, toys and books altogether in one place. Also encourage your kid to choose any books of his or her choice to take along.

As your kid grows, try to lengthen the reading time as much as possible. Point to the words and say them out loud so your kid knows how to pronounce them. You may also buy a picture dictionary and let your child read it in spare time. The most important thing is to stay calm even when your kid bombards you with numerous questions multiple times a day. Because if you do so, then your little one will start to get reluctant to share his or her confusions and end up being shy of learning.

Do not force your child to read advanced books. Instead, take this journey as a slow yet rewarding process.

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