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The car seat mistakes most parents are making

The car seat mistakes most parents are making

Read below to find most common car seat mistakes that may endanger your child on the road.

You might have unplugged all switches and locked all cabinets but are you giving the same focus to car safety for your kids? According to a recent survey, motorcycles cause one out of every four child accidents. However, the point of absolute concern is that one out of every three car seats are improperly installed or have an issue that parents don’t even know about. In order to give you an insight into proper car seat installation, we have a brought you a list of mistakes that you might be making that put your child’s life in danger. Have a look:

1.     Car seat is not properly installed:

This seems like common knowledge but most parents overlook this fact and find out only when some accident occurs. It seems like you’d be able to wing your way into a perfect installation via the instructions manual, but it’s shockingly easy for any of us to make mistakes and these can have massive implications when it comes to road safety. Here’s a few things to consider when DIY-ing the installation. First of all, make sure that the car seat stays put and doesn’t move around in any direction more than an inch. Second, check that the seat straps are comfortable around your baby’s body at points of lock ton ensure their security and comfort. Lastly, always remember to secure the tether strap when the seat is facing the front. These simple double checks can enhance your child’s safety by a huge degree.

2.     You forget to check the angles:

It is vital to check for angles of the car seat beforehand. For the seat facing the back of car, it is reclined at 45 degrees. If this isn’t the case, then it is a total red flag and you need to check in with the manufacturer. The seat isn’t supposed to be too upright for the child’s delicate body. This is due to the fact that the neck and back muscles of an infant are extremely weak and delicate, meaning they need to be appropriately cradled by their car seat. If the seat is too straight, there’s a danger of the child’s head wobbling forward or sideways, damaging his or her air supply and potentially leading to some non-accident related car safety issues.

3.     You do not consult a pro:

It is no doubt a proud moment for you, identifying and installing the car seat on your own. Look at you, handling everything! But it’s critical to get the job overlooked by a pro after the fact. They will be able to identify any minor or major issues and help you overcome them in a professional, easy way. After all, your child’s life is best left in the hands of professionals.

4.     You move the direction to face forward too soon:

It is a very common mistake that many parents make. Changing the car seat to face forward before the baby is old enough can cause serious support issues. Modern studies show that the direction shouldn’t be altered until the age of 2 years old because before this age, the muscles and tissues that support the baby’s backbone are still too weak to absorb any sort of impact. Moreover, a child in a rear-facing seat is 75 times less likely to be injured in a crucial car accident.

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