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The advantages of having a birthing partner

The advantages of having a birthing partner

Two is definitely better than one. That is why it is important to have a birthing partner at such a crucial time.

Having a partner at the time of delivery doesn’t only give you a solid support but also gives him the chance to experience one of the most life-changing events. Your birth partner can be your sister, brother, mum or husband or anyone whom you trust and rely on the most.

The role of a delivery partner:

The role of your partner starts way before even reaching the hospital, as they help pack the bags for leaving and also keep track of all the things you need to do after arriving at the hospital. They are also responsible for keeping you engaged during the waiting hours and making you relaxed at all times. The early stages can be quite tiring and daunting at the same time. That is why your partner is a blessing who gives you the perfect entertaining time. Once the delivery process officially starts, they can help you relax by massaging your back and shoulders. This will soothe you more and put your mind as well as body to ease.

They play a vital supporting role:

Being there right from the beginning of the labour process can help them feel closer to their newborn baby. It also instils a feeling of ownership and responsibility that helps the parent in developing a richer bond and stronger relation. Offering emotional support is the best way to show your love for your partner and the unborn child.

Tips for the delivery partner:

For most partners, seeing their loved one in pain can be quite daunting and they try to run away from such situations. But going to antenatal classes can be a good practice to have an insight and prepare for what is about to happen. Your partner can help you in breathing exercises and aid your process by a huge degree. If the couple has planned a complete schedule of their delivery progress, then the partner can be responsible for making sure it is followed exactly. Such simple tips can help your process be at ease and make this beautiful journey an amazing part of your lives, developing cherishing memories for both of you. So make sure to just be there for the mum-to-be as she might feel weak in such times.

Following the plan of birthing:

You might not know what will happen once the birthing process starts, but it is only natural to plan something. You can have an idea as to what might happen and schedule everything accordingly. Discuss even the tiniest details with your partner so that you can have positive decisions and suggestions from them that can help you with the process. Some ladies might undergo a change of decision as to how do they want their delivery process so it is important to communicate everything with your partner beforehand. This will help them guide you through everything properly.

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