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What Is The Personalised Gifts Trend?

What Is The Personalised Gifts Trend?

In 2018 it is the adult version of putting stickers on your pencil case, but in a much cooler way. Gift personalisation! The trend of taking gifts and making them personalised has taken over and we are welcoming it.

The monogram has always been a sense of sophistication and class throughout history, the little sister to the family crest. Take this and bring it into 208 whereby customised via initials and names is now all the rage to add a touch of class, or a special something to your present-giving. The simple gesture of including a name, date of birth or special message adds a touch of sophistication to anything you may want to gift.

The personalisation trend has grown up and created a large industry where almost anything can have that personalised touch. From clothing and accessories to food and beverages. If you can print a name on it, it is more than likely that someone will.

A personalised gift adds that little bit of extra thought, that not only did you choose this thoughtful gift for your family member or friend, but you took it to the next level! At Milly and Henry, we love to help personalise and customise gifts to welcome a new little life into the world. The new parents will never forget when their new family members name is first and foremost on their special new gift. Our packaging including hampers and boxes can include the new baby’s name and date of birth as a special reminder.

The desire to create something personal, make it your own, or be individualistic isn’t shifting, so take it to the next level with Milly and Henry!

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