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Our Favourite Babywear Outlets

Our Favourite Babywear Outlets

As parents, we can often get carried away by obsessing over cute baby clothes! Sometimes some of us are guilty of spending more time on our babies outfit than our own. But lets face it, it is so exciting dressing up bub to achieve ultimate cuteness than dressing ourselves!
If at first the tininess of baby clothes doesn’t get you, the design or fabric or any other cute factor will! Whether a garment is knitted, gifted or store bought by mum or dad, it is important to keep quality in mind!

No matter how grubby or how much food will be spilt on it, baby clothes are the cutest!

Here at Milly and Henry we love everything bub - baby clothes included. Some of our luxurious hampers include gorgeous baby clothing items. Here is a list of lovely babywear outlets:
Purebaby outlet is a 100% cotton babywear brand. Keeping the good stuff in and the nasties out, their organic label has an outlet located in Collingwood, Melbourne. Their outlet sells a lot of their older stock but also some current season. Their gorgeous designs can all be found on their website too at full price. Their outlet provide discounted products, which is always a win seeing as bub grows so fast and their time in garments is limited (sigh!).
Bonds is a brand most of us all know and love. One of the main factors they prove so popular among the teeny tiny community is their product quality. For those parents out there blessed with more than one child are more than familiar with the term ‘hand-me-downs’. Bonds onesies, singlets and pretty much all their garments will last well over one babies growth spurt! Always good to hold onto them, just in case! Their outlets (yes, multiple!) are located around Australia with a few in each major city.
Outlet shop for kids is a multi-brand mass outlet that runs year long! And even better, their outlet runs online - which means you don’t need to find the time to leave the house. They stock everything you need for your baby, including all clothing and bassinet and cot manchester.
If our list did not help you secure the cutest outfit for bub then check out a list of Australia wide babywear ranges! We hope you enjoyed our guide to getting the best deals on the tiny outfits we obsess over!

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