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Mummy hacks you use on a daily basis

Mummy hacks you use on a daily basis

Motherhood is a multitasking test and to help ease the process we bring you a few tips to win this

Parenting is a whole new world of challenges. And that too, with no hard-and-fast rule book or road map. But if you’re doing it with love, you’re doing it right. This multi-tasking turmoil can be well-dealt with if you take a few smart steps to make the journey easier.

Let’s help all those new parents out by sharing a few life-savers that turn your challenges into a fun ride.

  1. Formula in a bulk

Having to make the formula every time can be frustrating, especially if you’re in a hurry. So, preparing it in a large amount can save you from repeating the whole process every time the baby needs it. Plus, it also helps to settle the bubbles and helps with gas.

  1. Room-temperature liquids

Warming up the bottle for feeding the baby can prove to be a nuisance. And it can also prove problematic if you’re travelling. If your baby gets used to room-temperature liquids, it can ease a huge burden off your shoulders.

  1. Layering the bedding

To avoid having to change all the bedding in any night-time accidents, layer the crib or bed with multiple mattresses and sheets. This way you don’t need to change all the bedding but just remove the top layer, revealing the clean sheets underneath.

  1. Extra plastic bags

Plastic bags are easy to carry around and don’t take much space. And you never know when they might come in handy. They’ll probably save your day when there’s a toilet emergency or to stuff in any dirty laundry on-the-go.

  1. Zip-close bags

Use small zip-close bags to keep the pacifiers safe and untouched. You also don’t need to wash all your pump parts every time after use. Just keep it in a bag and refrigerate it. And you can wash and sterilize it at the end of the day.

  1. Donate outgrown clothes

Stack all those clothes that your child has outgrown or the toys they no longer play with in boxes and store them under the bed or in the attic. Once you’ve collected an ample amount, you can contact amazon to come and pick them up. They’ll make sure that your contribution goes to the right hands.

  1. Laundry bags

Stash all those little dirty socks in laundry bags and simply throw them in the washer. This way they won’t get mixed up with other clothes and you won’t lose them.

  1. Car-seat canopy

Whether you’re driving in the sun or picnicking out, a car-seat canopy can protect your baby from the sunlight and also keeps away any bugs or mosquitoes. They have holes in the sides for easy arm movements and your baby can freely play inside.

Being a mommy can get intimidating at times, yet it brings in the fun element if you jab the right buttons of life hacks. Go for any the above tips and tricks and you’ll definitely thank us.

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