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Most practical ways to stay sane around a high need baby:

Most practical ways to stay sane around a high need baby:

Dealing with a high spirited baby can be quite daunting, but we bring you some amazing tips to find the silver lining.

Babies come in all moods and tantrums - some hate to sleep while others hate to eat. These kinds of infants need a whole lot of patience from parents and tend to drain your energy within minutes. But not to worry because today we bring you some practical tips for handling high spirited kids. Stay sane and kick the butt of the parenting game! Have a look:

Let your expectations go:

It might be difficult to ask but this is a top priority for regaining that sense of sanity. All children are different and the more you hold on to your expectations from friends, family or co-workers, the more disappointed you’ll be and in turn, more stressed and drained. That is why it is important to have a blank slate for your child and form strategies to deal with the individual, high spirited baby they are. Letting go of your expectations can open new doors for you where you enjoy the time you have with your baby rather than focusing on what they aren’t doing. Whether he is throwing a tantrum or having a peaceful sleep, you’ll enjoy every moment with complete passion and love in your heart. Even if you don’t see a bright day ahead, a few moments of a kiss or hand-holding are enough to make up for all the stress.

Don’t advertise your baby’s hyper behaviour:

While it is very important to keep your baby under control in front of others, with high spirited babies this can be near impossible. However, this does not mean you go around telling everyone that your baby is hyper or high spirited because in most cases, people haven’t had any similar situations to go through and pass it off as strange. This can add to the stress you feel around your child’s behaviour rather than allowing you to be comfortable with your child’s attitude. Using easy to comprehend words such as ‘unpredictable’ and ‘sensitive’ can help to ease this.

Just go with what goes down in the situation:

Don’t let the pressure of onlookers bust you. Keep yourself under control and relax your mind: you don’t need to make your baby behave the way people expect. He or she is an individual and will act like it for the rest of their lives, be proud! Remember you won’t become a ‘bad parent’ by doing what you think is right for the situation and nobody outside of your little family can label you as such. Rather it will make life easy for you as well as your baby. So just clear your mind of all negative thoughts and analyse the situation in a more rational way. Don’t let anyone ruin your already stressed day by giving you frustrated looks.

Join a parents’ community that understands:

Having someone by your side who understands your situation is very important. Often times having somebody understand is all it takes to relieve pressure of perfection! This is why joining a parents group can be a brilliant help – meeting parents and children in the same situation as you allows you to feel supported and okay with your situation. These groups can also act as mental support and boost your energy, while also giving you a platform to share your stories and vent stresses. There are various groups on social media and other platforms that can provide many useful tips according to the situation you’re going through.

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