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Moments to bond dad and bub

Moments to bond dad and bub

Sharing a bond with his father is as important as oxygen for a baby and to give your child the best family he can have, it is super important to let him and his father bond!

There is nothing sweeter than seeing your man and bub together – its enough to melt your heart. A dad is a superhero and teaches your child so many vital lessons and gives them the kind of protection they need throughout their childhood. And that is why, it is important to let in your partner participate as much as he can in this beautiful journey. Below are a couple of ways to harness dad-bub bonding. Have a look:

Involve your partner at feeding times:

It is very important for a father to be in on moments as intimate as these. Mother’s have a special physical bond with their babies, but that doesn’t mean that dads can’t get involved in this too! It’s not like that the he has to do any of the feeding, but he definitely can be a part of that time because it is the best time to bond with a baby. Not only will this encourage your child to think of his father in a life-sustaining instinct but also allows your partner to feel like he is playing a vital role in caring for his baby as well. It makes these moments extra special and strengthens your family bond by a huge degree. Of course, the father can hold the baby after. It will soon become a small love-filled family ritual to celebrate each time.

Encourage dad and baby to cuddle up:

Evening time for a mother can be quite a roller coaster with juggling all tasks at once. Having to feed the baby, change the diaper, prepare the bed, do the house chores like laundry, dinner etc. and all other tiny tasks piled up to form a complete mountain. It is now dad’s turn to take the steering wheel. Make him a part of the journey by letting him spend physical time with the baby while you sit back and approach things with a clear mind. Not only will it be an amazing bonding session, but also give you a break to unwind and focus on your tasks without any hustle.

Make the baby’s bath time a family event:

Almost every parent loves bath time with the baby. Not only is it a sweet bonding time, but it can be a lot of fun too! The warm bubbly sensation and the softness of your baby’s skin are sure to brighten up your day. Making it a family event will leave you with not only more time for yourself (not having to get everything done yourself) but also making memories. Also, it will inculcate the feeling of oneness in the baby and let him or her have the purest of childhoods.

Get dad to read the bedtime story:

We know that reading bedtime stories and lullabies are the ideal way to put a baby or child to sleep. But it is also an ideal opportunity to bond with your kid. So asking your partner to read a story to the child can make him feel secure and loved and associate a relaxing, intimate time with his father.

Try any of the above tips and make your family the strongest of all.

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