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Items You Wish You Purchased From the Beginning as a New Mum

Items You Wish You Purchased From the Beginning as a New Mum

Before you get on with the mummy business, let us give you an insight as to what items to have that will make your life easier

While being a mum is a blessing and brings a lot of life-changing moments, there often come times when it takes a toll on you. And you tend to conquer them as you get experienced with age. So, you pass on your wisdom to the new moms to be to ease their lives. We are here to do the same, bringing all the new or old mommies a list of items that they wish they had from the beginning to ease away this intimidating process. Have a look:

A breastfeeding clip:

While breastfeeding is a bonding and nourishing session for the baby, at the same time it is a battling session for the mum. The continuously in-the-way shirt, positioning the breast properly, holding the baby to ease the feeding and many such concerns make it an overwhelming process. That is where, a simple tool like a clip comes in handy. Holding your shirt up while you focus on feeding your baby, this tiny item is a complete lifesaver. All you do is loop it around the bottom of your shirt and the neckline and the clip will do the holding, making things a lot easier.

A Velcro swaddle:

Swaddles are always a puzzle to solve and makes you want to earn some brownie points for getting it done properly. To make folding hassle free, the Velcro ones have started to rule the mummy world. Keeping your baby securely wrapped and snug as a bug, this blessing has made mum’s life a lot easier. The velcro swaddles not only hold your baby in the right position but are easy to wrap and unwrap, thus bringing you the peace of mind and body.

Baby onesie that helps in sleeping:

Swaddles do bring you the luxury to hold your little one properly, but it still makes transitioning the baby a tad bit tricky. And that is why, a combination of onesie and swaddle have come to the rescue. Such sleepsuits not only make your infants securely held and comfortable, but also allows them the freedom of safe tossing and turning. So let your kids sleep in such onesies, earning yourself a long, peaceful night.

An extremely compact stroller:

Babies are so tiny, yet their stuff comes in huge sizes that takes up an insane amount of space and makes storage a nightmare. Of course, no one can go without having a stroller for their little ones but its folding takes a toll on you and gets really annoying. And that is where, compact strollers come in that can be folded down to the size of a carry on. Not only do they function as a great carrier but can be compacted for easy carriage on travel or at home.

So now you know what to invest in before the baby arrives. Have the above items and make your life hassle free.

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