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Is Your Wife Expecting?

Is Your Wife Expecting?

Or sister or best friend or even yourself? Either way, it is not time to crack open the champagne but it is time to celebrate. Having a baby is one of the most special times in ones life so why not congratulate them with the luxury of Milly & Henry's baby hampers. Celebrate by ordering a pre-made hamper or designing your own. Provide the perfect gift to any expecting parents!

 Going baby shopping can be quite overwhelming - especially when it is for someone else's baby! There are thousands of baby products on the market and it is difficult to know what to buy and when during a pregnancy. It is difficult to pick sizes and colours while sticking to your budget. Take the stress out of baby shopping and surprise your loved one with a Hamper from Milly & Henry.

 Milly and Henry have a range of luxury baby hampers filled with all the new born necessities from clothing to a teddy bear. Some of these luxury hampers are even packed in a baby bag and include a bottle of sparkling for Mum! It is the perfect way to congratulate the Mum-to-be as it includes something for both baby and Mum. To make things even more convenient you can order from the comfort of your own couch.

 If you are stuck for the perfect baby shower gift why not head over to the 'create your own' section of Milly and Henry. These hampers make a lovely gift for any expecting parent- whether it be before the baby is born or after the arrival. The wide range of products can be suited to your budget, style and preference. Personalising a hamper is a special touch and will be perfectly fit for the expecting Mum. You get to choose what goes in and whats kept out. 

 Some hampers are gender specific while others are neutral so there is something for everyone. From onesies, blankets, socks, bibs, baby mats and even toys these hampers hold everything expecting parents need so they make the perfect gift. They range in price starting from $48 with next day delivery.

 These hampers are a great way to say congratulations, while skipping the stress of shopping!

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