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How to Manage a Difficult Child Behaviour

How to Manage a Difficult Child Behaviour

Let’s have a look at how you can deal with your difficult kids in all sorts of situations.

We know that the biggest challenge parents face is dealing with your child’s difficult attitude and overall behaviour. It is only natural for a child to have good and bad phases. A child goes through various episodes of mood swings and unnecessary demands, which sometimes become extremely challenging for the parents. Such moods include:

  • Negative
  • Hyper active
  • Very loud
  • Whiny
  • Stubborn
  • Rebellious
  • Shy and clingy
  • Aggressive

And dealing with all these aspects of a child is the trickiest part of parenthood because most of the times, a parent pushes himself beyond the brink and ends up shouting and screaming. Children are really innocent and cannot distinguish right from wrong unless they are taught the appropriate behaviour. It is very important to keep simple limits and tell your kids not to surpass them even in your absence.

You need to understand that some children find it difficult to understand the concept of sharing. They snatch anything that they need and will be violent in almost all actions. That is because they only focus on themselves and put forth their own desires and demands. Try to incorporate the habit of sharing by rewarding them and showing them the advantages of this good habit. This way, they will eventually learn to give their things to others and let go of the aggressive and violent nature.

Small children can be very clingy and become whiny when taken away from the parents. Just be honest with them and tell them that you will be back. If you plan to send your child to a nursery then try to prolong the periods of separation gradually. Also remember that the tears and emotional tantrums of a child once the parent leaves are temporary and won’t last for more than a few minutes.

We know how frustrating it feels when a child does not cooperate when the parent is changing or taking a bath. It is essentially because the child finds these activities extremely uninteresting and wants to approach the activities that might catch his interest. So it is important to make your child see the usefulness of these activities and to involve them in such daily tasks. Try to explain them that after finishing the tasks, you’ll take them outside for a walk or reward them with their favourite candy.

Whining is basically a technique the kids use to seek attention. It happens often when they are feeling anxious or want something instantly. Because this sound is so irritating, you often give in to it and fulfil their wishes. To deal with such a child, make him or sit at one position and maintain a constant eye contact. Talk to them in a low soothing voice. It might not be fruitful at first but eventually, the child will understand that this way he or she can communicate the needs properly.

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