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How Much Do You Need To Expose Your Kids To The Sun?

How Much Do You Need To Expose Your Kids To The Sun?

With continuous reports regarding the dangers of sun, it is quite easy to forget the beneficial importance of the sun rays for your kids.

Sunshine is basically responsible for stimulating the brain’s pineal gland, chemically changing the entire mood by creating higher serotonin levels, that is responsible for making you happy. The sun is also responsible for giving you adequate amounts of vitamin D and presents itself as its main source. This vitamin is very important for absorbing more calcium levels and strengthen the bones. Moreover, it can also help to improve immunity towards cancerous cells and tumours.

So how to get this right? What extent of sun exposure is enough and not too much? The answers to these depend on the skin type and your age. Babies who are under the age of six months shouldn’t be exposed to sun at all, as their skin is very delicate and not capable of producing sufficient melanin that protects the body from the UV light rays. Moreover, various skin experts are of the view that there is a direct connection between malignant melanoma and childhood sunburn. The most effective way to protect your little ones is by keeping in complete shade (a sun canopy or an old-fashioned parasol are the best options) and put a loose clothing over them to focus on protecting the vulnerable areas such as neck and ears. You may also opt for hats that can function more efficiently.

Try to be more careful if you or your little ones have red hair or a very fair complexion, or even if there has a history of skin cancer running in the family. Never go out without applying sun protection cream or lotions. With children, it is very important to get rid of as much UV rays as possible, so just opt for the highest level of sun protection factor (SPF) and don’t select a lotion that has the SPF 15 or lower. Sunscreens based with zinc are really effective, as they physically protect from the harmful sun radiations. Sweat and water may wash off the creams (even the ones that are said to be waterproof), so remember to reapply regularly. And do keep in mind that these rays can pass through cloud, fog, and mist. Clothes can also be a great protectant from these rays, but their average protection level (usually between 5 and 8) is not enough.

Water and sand can intensify the sun rays, so try to instil the habit of eye protection in your children from a very young age. It may seem very absurd to make your little kids wear sunglasses, but people who experience higher sun exposure are more likely to develop harmful eye diseases such as cataracts that my lead to blindness. Buy the sunglasses that are shatterproof and have the UVA/UVB protection.


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