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Five Mummy Bloggers You Should Follow!

Five Mummy Bloggers You Should Follow!

Instagram, and pretty much any social media, is an easy way to loose a few hours in the day - we will be the first to admit we have spent countless hours scrolling through the feed and checking up on our favourite bloggers or YouTubers.

It can almost feel as if you are a part of their life when you keep up with their daily activities. Lately, and in time for Mother's Day, we have been keeping a keen eye on our favourite mummy bloggers.mum blogg

These social media mums share everything from tips and tricks with parenting, their love for fashion and even their insight about food. They live their life publicly, on a little something called the internet (no explanation needed).

Mum blogging is the big thing these days - from pregnancy, to birth and then childhood it seems there is a huge market for mothers sharing their experiences. A community has formed of mums on the internet, providing a support for one another.


Five Mummy Blogger worth a follow:

  1. The Modern Minimalist
    Also known as Jordie, a fashion forward, Aussie mother of two. As a stylist she bases her blog, The Modern Minimalist, around recommendations of her favourite children's clothingand homewards as well as fashion advice for women.
  1. Love, Life and Hiccups
    Jess created the Love, Life and Hiccups blog to share her experiences of raising eight boys. Yep, eight boys! Her blog is real, it details the ups and downs of parenthood without sugar coating any of it.  Jess uses personal stories and her sense of humour to depict the truth of parenting.
  1. Zotheysay
    We have been following Zoe Foster Blake for quite a while now. She has aced a career as an author, business women, beauty editor and not to mention mother hood. Zoe's sense of humour flows throughout her blog, Zoetheysay, where she shares her take on travel, fashion and beauty. Of course she also touches on topics about kids, usually found in her 'recommendnation' section.
  1. The Young Mummy
    The Young Mummy, also known as Sophie Cachia, is a blog written about all things parenting. Sophie's focus on parenting umbrellas a variety of categories such as children's clothing, pregnancy tips and personal stories as well as insights to her family relationships.
  1. According to Abby
    Abby Gilmore shares her life as a single mum of two on her blog - According to Abby. Abby's blog is as feminine as can be and shares a heap of tips and tales about raising her two daughters. Her posts are as hilarious as they are truthful and have sparked a large following from mums throughout the internet world.

 As a common denominator, all of the above mummy bloggers have posts about the good and the bad of parenting and quite often share their take on the perfect gift, or new baby 'must haves'. But their sense of humour and approach to mother-hood definitely makes them unique and worth a follow!

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