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Top Secrets to Parenting a Spirited Child

Top Secrets to Parenting a Spirited Child

Everyone wants to have an instruction manual with a child. Alas, it doesn’t exist! Don’t worry! We bring you the a few secrets to deal with a high-spirited child!

You might have had the idea that simple tricks which work on mellow kids do not cut it for high spirited ones. These kids are called many names: “difficult”, “high-need” or “strong-willed”. We have brought you a complete guide to make your life easy while handling a hyperactive child. Have a look:

Don’t let others judge your parenting:

Being in a fussy situation with your kid draws a lot of attention towards yourself. People might start to get irritated around you and eye you in a weird way. Being on the outside, they’re not in a position to understand which is why it is important to disregard these people. Do not let anybody intimidate you in anyway and just go with the flow - try to focus on your child only and deal with the situation the way you feel is best.

Put your kid to sleep early:

High need kids might need sleep and rest a lot more than easy-going kids and that is why it is necessary to tend to their needs. Moreover, you also need the opportunity to recoup after a big day of parenting due to the drain placed on your mental and physical energy. Take care of your health as well as your baby’s by catering to their energy boosts.

Try to seek help from other parents:

This will make a huge difference down the road. Reaching out and seeking help from other parents also dealing with a spirited kid can provide you with tried and tested techniques and might be able to educate you in the way you handle things at home. These parents are definitely more than happy to help out having been in your shoes before.

Don’t stress yourself:

In such situations, it is important to relax your mind and soul by reminding yourself this is how your child acts and that it isn’t a reflection on you. Don’t stress yourself and don’t compare your baby to others. Everyone has their experiences and comparison can wear you down mentally. It is extremely important to keep your focus in check and focus on positive thoughts throughout the day.

Don’t overbuy:

If you have a fussy kid, don’t go around shopping everything in the hope that something will work for him. You need to slow down the shopping spree and buy only the things that are extremely important for him or her, choosing the things one needs and not giving in to wants upon wants.

Plan everything:

Don’t wait for the last minute to say ‘no’ to your child. Instead, plan and decide which behaviours are acceptable and which aren’t. Try to keep such situations from happening and keep your child busy in an alternate activity. This will prevent any possible fuss and keep your child under control. Remember not to overthink everything.

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