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How to Plan a Baby Naming Ceremony

How to Plan a Baby Naming Ceremony

Without the inclusion of ritual practice or religion a baby naming ceremony can be a great way to welcome your bundle of joy into the world, and to family and friends in an official way. For quite a commonplace practice there are a lot of parents who are unsure of how a naming day would be planned, or how to organise one!  Simply, this is a symbolic celebration that requires no license and no legalities, all of these have already been completed in the filing of your baby’s birth certificate. Take a read below to find our top tips on planning your child’s naming ceremony.

Deciding on proceedings
Will this day be the official reveal of your baby’s name? If so it can be important to plan a special moment (like speeches or a cake cutting) to divert attention to yourself, your partner and your baby for the big reveal! This ceremony can also be a time to make certain promises and commitments to your child, for example naming the special people in your life that will act as godparents. (This is traditionally used as a religious term, other phrases may include a guardian, mentor or supporting adults.) The proceedings may be more relaxed and informal, for example similar to a birthday party whereby children and adults mingle, eat and play. Or with the addition of a professional celebrant there may be more structure to your ceremony.

Guest list
With a more formal ceremony perhaps only family and godparents will be in attendance. However many parents do attach a naming ceremony with their baby’s first birthday. In this instance in can be fun to invite all kinds of friends as well, the more the merrier to celebrate your gorgeous bub!

As well as the nitty-gritty there is also the fun task of choosing decorations! These may be a simple theme like a favourite colour, your families cultural background or a theme in line with your child's name.

Choosing a celebrant
A more relaxed naming ceremony does not need to include a celebrant and can be more of a general celebration. However using a celebrant can create more of a feeling of officialdom to your proceedings. Usually providing parents with a script, list of readings, special activities and commemorative certificates for the parents and children involved. Celebrants can range between $300 - $600 in price.

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