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How important is exercise for children?

How important is exercise for children?

We know how fidgety their little bodies are, and rightfully so. Because exercise is as crucially important for them as oxygen.

When you take your kids to a playground, you can actually watch them run around and be physically energetic. In some cases, children get only a few opportunities to play around. With today’s increasing traffic, people are more concerned about the major risks attached to it. Such a situation has increased the children’s interest in indoor activities and screen time. That is why, they have less opportunities to go outside and be active without any sort of supervision.

Very few children can be seen cycling to their schools, the rest are always seen traveling in cars or buses. This has resulted in the lower level of activity and high rate of obesity. When we consider the early years of 1970s and onwards, children grew taller, but during the recent years, the rate in obesity has increased by 5% in girls and 10% in boys. Therefore, you need to promote the healthy habit of actively moving around from a very young age. Regular cycling, walking, and other such outdoor movement is a great source of developing such healthy habits. Letting your children play with other kids is the best way to encourage them to move around through most of their day.

According to several health professionals, children are supposed to spend at least 30 minutes a day in energetic play. Even if their playing times are broken in smaller chunks, they should be added together to make the recommended time period. Such a habit if developed at an early stage can be extremely fruitful for permanent health. In order to encourage your kids, try to get them to play instead of exercise and let them be involved in activities that can really fun for them.

Here are a few of the ways that can be used to make your kids more active.

  1. Try to develop a regular weekend habit of visiting a park or a swimming pool.
  2. Join young club for children that encourages physical play.
  3. Try to develop policies that involve safe walking, cycling or running within a community.
  4. Help your kids to become healthy users of computers and televisions.
  5. Give your kids the game console just as a treat instead of a complete way of life.
  6. Try to let your children be on their own as much as it is safe and discover life adventures independently.
  7. If you shift somewhere, then make sure that the new neighbourhood is completely safe for your children to play around.

Most of all, if you paint exercise as a fun activity instead of just a burdensome daily addition, then they be greatly encouraged to develop a healthier lifestyle.


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