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Hospital checklist for the new mums

Hospital checklist for the new mums

Have a look at the ultimate checklist of what to take to the hospital and what to leave home.

It is only natural to dream of this day the moment you become pregnant. You’ve already prepared the gear and all the necessities, and even practiced the successful installation of that car seat. But the most important part if focusing on what to take with yourself to the hospital. We know you don’t want to miss out any essential stuff, but it is also not wise to overdo it. And that is why we are here to help you bring just the right stuff along to put your mind at ease. Have a look:

When to pack the hospital bag?

Timing is key. But when you consider the time to pack your hospital bag, you have ample time on your hands to think carefully. According to several doctors, the best time to pack the hospital bag is at around 35 weeks, or it can stretch up to 37 and 38 weeks as well. So that even if the labor starts early, you still have the right stuff along and are fully equipped to free your mind from this concern.

The checklist

You need to focus on the sort of delivery you’re expecting because that defines the extent of your stay at the hospital. Following are the items that you need to add to your bag before you leave.

  • Insurance information, photo ID, birth plan and hospital forms
  • Spectacles (if you use them)
  • Your cell phone and charger. It is feasible if you bring along power bank and a general USB charger wire
  • A couple of pairs of non-skid warm socks to help you walk in the hospital before and after your delivery
  • A warm robe or sweater that you can later dispose away after your visit to the hospital should things get messy
  • A lip balm – hospitals have an extremely dry environment and that is why you need to keep your lips hydrated and avoid chapping.
  • A ponytail holder or a headband to keep your hair out of your face
  • Some kind of sugar-free candy to help your mouth remain moist during the long labour hours. If you choose a sugary candy, then you’ll feel thirsty pretty soon. Choose something with fresh taste and scent to keep your mouth refreshed
  • Maternity undergarments that are super soft and without any underwire, and one that has leak protection
  • Personal toiletries and other items: toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, face wash, deodorant, conditioner, shampoo, lotion. It is important to choose travel friendly products to carry them around easily
  • Lightweight, loose clothing because the hospital wards can be extremely hot
  • Comfortable wearing options in maternity stretchable sizes to put on when you leave from the hospital along with flat shoes
  • Something to keep yourself busy while you wait. For example a good book or earphones to listen to soothing music.

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