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Baby it’s Cold Outside - How to Keep Bub Warm on a Winter Night

Baby it’s Cold Outside - How to Keep Bub Warm on a Winter Night

As winter approaches and we clutch to the thought of snuggling up in fuzzy socks and oversized blankets, it is important to know how to keep your baby warm during the night. A cozy sleep environment is vital to their sleep cycle, health and overall comfort. Keeping them warm and dry over the colder months is important.
QUOTE: ‘We … consider our electric blanket our best friend in winter’
Here at Milly and Henry we are all about all things ‘bub’. Some of our products are absolutely essential to caring for your baby, including our range of beanies, onesies and even socks!
Sleep like a baby with our tips on keeping them warm overnight:
Linen layers
Choosing a fitted sheet and layers of cotton blankets for bub’s cot instead of a heavy doona will help their comfort levels. Keeping spare blankets at reach is a good idea for changes too. Feeling their back or tummy will allow you to tell if your baby is too hot or cold. If too hot, remove a blanket and if they feel cold add a layer.
Overnight dressing
Keep bub toasty from head to toe by dressing them in cotton sleep suits and footed onesies. They will stay warm all night with soft fabrics and dressing them in a singlet or bodysuit underneath their sleepsuit.
Feeling their temperature
Feeling their feet or hands to check if they are cold can sometimes not be a reliable indicator as they can often feel cold. However if they are blotchy or blue try adding mittens or booties and socks. Signs that a baby is a little too toasty is damp hair, sweating or a heat rash.
Room temperature
According to Bounty ideally a baby's room temperature should be between 16-20 degrees with 18 degrees being perfect. A room thermometer is the best way to keep track of the temperature in their room.
Some things to remember!
Although we may consider our electric blankets our best friends in winter, babies should not have one. They are too young to regulate their own heat unlike us and it can be potentially dangerous. Also be sure not to put your baby to sleep next to a heater or radiator.
We hope these tips will help you keep bub nice as warm throughout what may be their first winter!

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