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6 Sleep Hacks For New Mamas

6 Sleep Hacks For New Mamas

Are you struggling to get sleep in this new found world of taking care of a little babe? Not to fear, take a look below at our tried and tested sleep hacks!

1. Natural remedies

Sometimes the most natural thing to do is listen to the advice your mum and nan have given you! There are certain natural ingredients that are known to help with sleep such as lavender, chamomile and magnesium. Including these in a warm bath in the form of essential oils, or in beverages like herbal teas can help get you in a routine to sleep well.

2. No more devices

Although it is the first thing we reach for when we want to veg out, it’s time to put down the devices. Blue light exposure from phones, tablets and television screens all adds up to your melatonin levels. Basically, the light from screens tricks your brain into thinking that it is still day time! Try to reduce screen time for at least half an hour before heading to bed.

3. Supplements

(Remember to always check with your doctor before taking supplements, especially if pregnant or breastfeeding.) If sleep is well and truly escaping you it may be time to think about a helping hand in the form of a supplement. There are lots of options at chemists nowadays, from the hardcore to the natural. Those that include magnesium or a supplement of melatonin can help aid your battle.

4. Environment

Although beautifully decorated nurseries seem super important, as well as every toy and gadget under the sun, think about the amount of clutter in your home. Make sure that in your bedroom there is proper window furnishings like curtains to block out all light, turn all lights out, invest in good quality sheets and clear space so that your mind is less cluttered.

5. Nap time!

You have probably heard it one thousand times: sleep when the baby sleeps! However, not all naps are good naps. You know that feeling of waking up from a nap feeling worse than you did before? That’s because your nap was most likely too long, or too short. An ideal nap is between 10 and 30 minutes, this way you have had rest, but not fallen into a deep sleep.

6. Get moving

As much as it is important to exercise to keep fit, it is also important to exert energy so that your body is as tired as your mind. More vigorous energy helps dispel a build up of energy and make you physically tired, try to do this earlier in the day so that endorphins don’t mess with your sleep. Otherwise simple stretching or yoga before bed can help slow the body down.

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