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Your checklist for the perfect nursery

Your checklist for the perfect nursery

Trying to set up a nursery? Here’s a list of all the essentials you might want to buy to make a perfect room for yourself and the baby.

Setting up a nursey can easily make you feel overwhelmed and can take up a load of mental effort. There are several baby boutiques that will definitely make you go aah-ing and ooh-ing over a variety of items which will seem absolutely necessary. But the reality is that babies are extremely simple. They don’t care much about the trends and styles, but the only thing important to them is the quality of the textures and materials. Most of the things might seem important but they are just nice to have around and good to look at. So spend your mental as well as physical effort in focusing on the essentials listed below. They are the only things necessary to turn an ordinary part of your home into a space only meant for the comfort of your baby. Have a look:

For sleeping
A bassinet or a crib that fulfils all quality standards and tests. This demands that its slats are within the range of 2 and 0.37 inches apart. The top rails are supposed to be 26 inches above the surface of the mattress and the corner posts need to be at most 0.06 inches above the crib frame. Other than that, you need a flat firm mattress of high quality that fits right into the crib without any inconvenience. This means that no more than two fingers need to be fit between the crib and the mattress. You also require a couple of mattress pads for the crib that can be easily machine washed, a few crib sheets with
innocent colours and a Bluetooth speaker to let the baby soothe away to peaceful music and other such sounds.

For feeding

  • Lamp or any such light source with a dimmer
  • Arm or rocking chair
  • Nightlight

For diapering

  • A changing table. If you think your dresser is at appropriate height, then just choose a good quality changing pad with security straps to put it on top and do your job
  • A diaper pail

For storage of all items

  • Bookshelf to organise the things in a neat fashion
  • Dresser
  • Bins or baskets for putting in diapers, toys and other baby necessities

For playing

  • A crib mobile. You can remove it once the little one grows up to learn to support himself on knees and hands.
  • A baby bouncer or a swing
  • An easy-to-clean or soft rug. Make sure it is 100% organic wool or cotton to prevent off-gassing
  • A play mat
  • Toys that are appropriate with the baby’s age

For staying safe and out of danger

  • A baby monitor to keep track of your baby movements. You might not need it if you dwell in a small apartment.

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