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Winter Warmers - Best Jackets and Coats for Bub

Winter Warmers - Best Jackets and Coats for Bub

Now that we are well and truly into the colder weather it is important to keep your baby as toasty as can be!

Ideally their tummy should be warm and their feet a little cooler, but not too cool. 

They do not generate heat like ourselves and their bodies are not as immune to the cold air yet. Therefore keeping them warm during winter is key and we have found a few retailers with jackets and coats to help!

There is a general rule of dressing your baby as you’re dressed and then adding a layer. For example if you are wearing a t-shirt, jumper and coat do the same for your little one and add a singlet or bodysuit underneath. 

A little insight to your babies body temperature can be found by feeling their feet and tummy. Ideally their tummy should be warm and their feet a little cooler, but not too cool. 

You can also keep your baby warm by not only dressing them in a coat, but mittens and a hat as well as the hood from a coat will all ensure your baby stays warm throughout the course of winter!

Your little ones head and hands are so important to keep warm so adding these extra layers will do the trick.

Here is a list of some baby clothing retailers with jackets, vests and coats perfect for the on-coming cold weather:

Seed Heritage

Seed offers high quality and trendy clothing for little ones with their winter range including coats, jackets, vests and raincoats. Their prices reflect the quality of the garments as they prove to be great hand-me-downs as babies tend to grow too quickly to get their wear! 

Second Childhood

Second Childhood are recycled high quality children's clothes. Their high-end labels are sold at a super affordable price and gives the clothes a second-life. You can easily buy or sell on their site, reducing waste of clothes and making it a great community platform for mothers of kids all-ages.

Hux Baby

Hux Baby have an gorgeous line of minimalist clothing for babies including their gorgeous jackets. The zip front hooded jackets are the perfect garment to keep your little one warm. Their price point reflects the quality and their minimalistic designs mean they will not be going out of fashion anytime soon.

We hope our guide to dressing your baby this winter was helpful and you are able to find jackets and coats perfectly suited to your little one!

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