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What is a Doula?

What is a Doula?

If you have experienced pregnancy, childbirth or have friends who are mum’s the chances are you may have heard the word ‘doula’ from time-to-time.

A doula has become a popular part of the birthing process that women have been choosing to incorporate.

Doula‘ is a Greek word that came to mean “woman’s servant”

But as we hear this word in many pregnancy and birth conversations, do you really know what it means?

Here at Milly and Henry we understand there are a lot of preparations to consider and begin when expecting a baby. Therefore we are here to explain the purpose and role of a doula and guide you through one less hassle you will have to worry about when the time comes! 

Traditionally, a doula was a women offering non medical support and information to another women and their partners during birth and the post natal period.

A doula believes in the process and journey of childbirth and pregnancy and the impact it leaves on the family.

Here are some examples of a doula's guidance and support:

  • Your doula is a great listener
  • Respectful
  • Does not impose their own thoughts and beliefs
  • Trusts the clients instincts
  • Acknowledges the power and impact of life’s transitions 
  • Works with the family and significant others as valued team members 
  • Works along side medical professionals 
  • Understands these processes are not theirs 
  • Offers continuous, or as required, non judgmental support

Ultimately, the goal of a doula is to provide a positive and safe experience for the mother and surrounding family or partners during the birth experience.

Whether the birth be natural, medicated or a cesarean a doula will be there throughout the entire experience and also guide mothers in the journey that begins after child birth.

A doula will help mothers by encouraging bonding between the baby and mother in breastfeeding, nursing and wrapping or dressing the baby.

We hope this guide has provided clarity to any expecting or non-expecting mothers about the role of a doula!

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