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What Are The Best Apps For New Mums?

What Are The Best Apps For New Mums?

Gone are the days of word of mouth advice and old wives tale remedies, in 2019 it is easier than ever to get as much information as you can about raising your newborn baby. We have listed 5 of the best phone apps that will help combat your baby brain, monitor your baby’s health and development, and keep you under control!

  • FOR FEEDING: Baby Feed Timer 
Cost: Free
Designed by fellow breast feeding mothers this app allows you to log your feed times, feed amounts and any pumping sessions as well. TO help this with baby brain it also had a feeding timer (including a pause button) that allows you to set alerts - this means never forgetting which side was last! Baby Feed Timer also gathers your data and translates it into a useful report, so you can get an overall view of when, how often and how much your baby is feeding. For iPhone here.
Download here

Cost: Free
This app gives daily activity suggestions which are designed specifically for your baby’s age and stage to support gross motor, cognitive, speech, sensory, self-care and social-emotional development. Using this app will help parents who need guidance as to the expected next step in their child's development, as well as helping tick off each accomplishment along the way!
Download here

  • FOR SLEEP: Baby Monitor 3G
Cost: $5.99
With Baby Monitor 3G it is easier than ever to monitor your baby’s sleep. Gone are the days of silent tip-toeing around your house to go and take a peak. All you need to do is leave a smart device near your sleeping baby, and connect that device to your phone. Baby Monitor 3G allows you to hear and see your baby. You can even use it if you're not at home but still want to check up on your baby. Baby Monitor 3G also lets you know when your baby wakes up, and allows you to speak to them from a distance.
Download here

COST: Free
Sometimes all it takes is a quick song or dance to entertain baby long enough to get the smallest of tasks done. Enter: baby nursery rhymes apps. Kidlo Land is one of the life-saving apps out there, filled with soothing songs that will calm your baby and keep them busy for at least a few minutes. Perfect if you want to finish your cup of coffee while it's still warm, or if you need to entertain your baby on a bus journey or while you wait for a doctor's appointment.
Download here

  • FOR PLANNING: Baby Connect

Cost: $4.99
As baby train takes over it can be tricky to not only care for yourself, but also remember every new appointment, tracker and plan for you and baby. To make your life easier, an app to keep track of everything that's going in your little one's life might be a good idea. Baby Connect has been highly praised by parents and allows you to track information like nappy changes, sleep and mood. You’ll never forget anything again!
Download here

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