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Weird but normal things about babies

Weird but normal things about babies

We bring you a list of most weird things about babies that you don’t have to worry about.

We know that internet, books and classes might have taught you everything about babies and pregnancy: the sleepless nights and constant feeding sessions. But once the baby is born, new mums tend to be extremely concerned for even the smallest of changes. Before you start grabbing your phone to call the doctor, we are here to help you relax. Have a look at the list of weird things about your baby that are actually normal.

Cradle cap:

We all know cradle cap can be pretty confronting. But it’s also very useful so that all of a baby’s dryness and flakiness can be rubbed away in just a few months. The redness and flare-ups are quite random so you’re likely not doing anything to exacerbate the issue.  To help your bub through it, you can choose to rub baby oil on the scalp area to moisturize! If the redness spreads beyond the scalp area, then consult your doctor and get a prescribed ointment.

Explosive poop:

Well, the ‘explosive’ might just be a little exaggeration. We all know every parent has to go through diaper blasts before being a pro at dealing with whatever the diaper delivers. So there’s nothing to worry about it because it is what little ones are supposed to do with all the time at their hands. You only  need to consult a doctor if you spot any signs of blood.

Weird groaning sounds:

If you thought your baby will only make cute cooing sounds that will melt your heart, then you my friend, have been wrong all along. Babies make all sorts of grunting, squeaking, clucking sounds and that includes weird occasional groaning as well. That is because the baby’s nasal passageway is quite narrow and the trapped mucus results in such sounds that appear to be weird. In case, he or she is grunting with every breath, then that indicates trouble in breathing. So in such a case, head to your doctor right away.

Constant sneezing:

Keep in mind that this world is completely new for the little one and he or she needs time to adjust. So if he’s sneezing after short intervals, then that means he is trying to keep away from the particles that might have wandered off into his nasal passage. Other common causes include frozen mucus or even the sunlight. If you notice any sign of wheezing along with sneezing, then head to your doctor and get your baby checked up. He or she might be having any allergies that you need to know of.

Random Jerky Movements:

Baby’s jittery moments can be quite confusing to watch but you need to keep in mind that the tiny body is undergoing multiple changes at quite a pace. Most dominant of which is the startle response. You might notice him startling at a loud noise, and this response settles in about 3 to 4 months. Just swaddle your little one into a sound, peaceful sleep.

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