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Tips for how to get your baby to sleep

Tips for how to get your baby to sleep

 Putting your little one to sleep takes some practice. We bring you some tricks for it that we have up our sleeves.

New parents are always confused and perplexed about the ever-daunting task: how to put their baby to sleep. And we completely understand the situation. It might sometimes feel impossible and some mothers almost give up on making further effort. We know that not every baby is same and that not all rules apply to every tiny human. But there are some general suggestions that work and bring positive results. Have a look:

Declutter the space:

We know how much of a mess a baby’s room can look, especially during the first couple of weeks or months. But that is exactly what hinders the sleep process. Clear away all the toys from the crib because a crib packed with toys completely confuses the little one and he or she will do anything but sleep. So a clean space is important for the focus and peace. It will help the baby soothe and shy away into a deep slumber.

Share the room but not the bed:

You need to let your baby sleep in your room but not in the same bed as yours. If the baby sleeps in your room, then he will be encouraged to more breastfeeding and will sleep for longer intervals of time. Letting parents be near the baby at night can be extremely helpful. Moreover, it also has a strong psychological impact on the little developing mind. Apart from that, the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) are also reduced by a huge degree. So share the room with your child and see the instant positive effects of this simple gesture.

Keep him cool:

A baby tends to sleep peacefully when he’s kept at a constant cool temperature. This also means you don’t have to bundle him more than necessary. Instead of adding weight of heavy blankets, wrap the little one in layers to maintain the temperature and to let the air flow through in a subtle way. All you need to do is add one more layer than what you’ve got on yourself. The crib should be set away from air conditioner to avoid direct air passage. Moreover, it is supposed to be placed away from windows to avoid any noise.

Soothe with sound:

Singing lullabies to the baby has been a common practice for quite some time. And in most cases, it works like magic! If you cut out all unnecessary noise from the environment, then your baby will start to associate the soothing lullaby sound to sleep. You can also use a machine to use nature sounds to encourage a positive response to it. Remember to keep the sound low and humming at a constant amplitude.

Choose any of the above tried and tested techniques and watch your baby dream away peacefully all night long.


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