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Things to look out for during pregnancy

Things to look out for during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a really daunting time for some ladies, but don’t worry because we bring you the list of things to be careful about.

If you had a poor pregnancy experience in the past, there are chances that your current experience might be exposed to greater risk. That is why it is extremely important to take into account your antenatal care from the earliest stages or even contact a doctor before trying to conceive again.

If you’ve had a premature delivery, then your doctor or midwife can help you recognize and battle any problems that might occur because of it and reduce the risks of another premature labour. If your previous baby was underweight, then you need to go through extra tests and scans to keep a track on the baby’s growth and to ensure that the development is according to the natural process. In case of any previous miscarriages, you might be exposed to a greater risk of it happening again. Try to go through several check-ups to identify any factors that might be the cause of it and help battle them in an organized manner.

Age and pregnancy

It is also a trending option to have a baby later in life when the women is absolutely sure and ready. There are also some natural births that occur during the teenage years. Conceiving a baby too early or too late can require additional tests and screening processes to ensure safe delivery. For teen mums, there is a greater chance of them going through anaemia. And for mums who are 35 or above of age, there is a higher chance of successful pregnancy. But there is also a small portion of people who might undergo the risk of chromosomal or genetic disorders. That is why, you need to be monitored closely and have additional screening to identify any such dangers.

Weight and pregnancy

 Being astray from the ideal weight scale can become a contributing factor to risky pregnancy. That is why, you need to make sure that your weight is in check even before you decide to have a baby. If you’ve gotten pregnant, and your weight is not in the healthy range, then you might be referred to a dietitian or nutritionist to maintain your diet routine and incorporate healthier eating options to your daily routine. Being underweight might lead to the increased risk of premature birth so you need to have a healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Height and pregnancy

If you and your partner are petite then you might encounter some problems during delivery, and if your partner and you are quite broad and wide then your child will be bigger as well. So you need to take this into account also in order to avoid any sort of problems that might take place later. Just keep everything in check through additional tests and screening processes while keeping your consultant known of any irregular changes that you feel.

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