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The things a pregnant mum doesn’t want to hear

The things a pregnant mum doesn’t want to hear

Read below the most common statements the pregnant women run away from.

It is quite common for pregnant women to have friends and family who touch their bellies without taking their permission. Such incidents are very common when it comes to your pregnant journey. So we decided to bring you a list of the phrases the preggies get to hear that they really don’t want to. This will help the readers refrain from making such comments and leave the lady at peace. Have a look:

“Let me touch your belly”

You might want to touch he bump and feel happy for the mum to be. But hold your horses back because it might scare her especially if you’re a stranger. The belly is a very private part and she considers it a personal experience. So touching her without consent will totally catch her off guard and make you the person who invades private spaces. Keep your hands to yourself and congratulate the pregnant lady by showing your happiness without making her uncomfortable at any level.

Someone telling their horrifying labour story

Every mum to be is struggling to picturize and mentally prepare herself for the birth hours. And to listen to someone’s horrific birth story does not prove to be the right conversation at such a high time. We all understand that everyone goes through a really struggling time while in labour, but narrating that to an already struggling lady can have the opposite effects. Instead, let your caring side show by telling her the phrases of encouragement and explaining the beauty and rewards of the whole process. It also eases the mind of the mum to be and brings her mental peace. So use encouraging statements and make her smile the brightest by giving her the right pieces of advice.

“You’re so big! Are you having twins?”

First and the foremost thing to keep in mind is that no matter what women you’re talking to, whether pregnant or not, it is not wise to mention someone’s body or point out to their weight. Whether you want to express your compliments while wishing a healthy baby for her or you are genuinely curious regarding the baby, you need to sidestep any comments related to body weight and not express it in any form. The mother will feel extremely uncomfortable as she’s already struggling with her constant weight gain and getting big.

‘One drink won’t do any bad at all!”

Everyone runs away from pushers, especially pregnant ladies. They don’t like being bossed around or being pushed to do stuff they don’t want to do. So pushing the mother to the drinks isn’t a good idea at all. It will make her night out extremely exhausting while trying to skip any such requests and keeping herself liquor free. Just take the hint and keep the mother to be happy among her friends and family while having a relaxed time and eating to her will. 

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