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The most interesting baby shower ideas

The most interesting baby shower ideas

The time for brightest smiles and biggest gifts, baby showers are supposed to reflect your emotions and wishes for the mommy-to-be. Make it memorable with these interesting ideas.

Everyone comes across some of the most magical days in their lives. And becoming a parent counts as one of the top ones. While the whole process is tiring and painful, it is also filled with multiple joyous moments. In order to celebrate this happiness, baby showers are celebrated which are often filled with tears of joy and unending love. We bring you some of the most unique and ravishing baby shower ideas that will be remembered by the mommy forever. Have a look:

Have a co-party:

Baby showers are basically a girl thing, but you can add a fun twist to it by inviting the daddy and his friends to it. Keep the décor gender neutral. This will bring in more smiles and fun, and become a memorable gathering for both parents. Arrange snacks and drinks that everyone enjoys and set up partner games. This will encourage feelings of love and affection among the parents and make their day extra special. With just the right planning and execution, your co-party can become the memory of the year.

Have the party outdoors:

Who said baby showers can only be held indoors. You can take your creativity to another level by hosting the party outdoors. This will bring you a new era of ideas as to how to do the décor. If the weather is light and breezy, choose light colours and add a touch of delicacy to your party. Such décor will make your party a fun gathering and highlight the emotions that everyone feels for the baby. You could also plan it at night time with the beautiful fairy lights hanging by the tree branches. This will add a touch of subtle love and affection because everything is better at night!

Have a pampering session for the mommy:

You can add a pampering session for all the ladies, especially the mommy. Set up massage chairs and temporary manicure stations to make the mommy feel relaxed. This will bring in the girly feelings and become an ideal gathering of relaxation for the ladies. Or even better, you could go to a salon and spend a day there with your girls. This will free you from all the décor worrying, and make your day better with professional body treatments. Even a facial can make your skin feel better, and make everyone the happiest.

Get crafty and creative:

Gather up plain white onesies and hand one to each of the guests. Ask them to paint it however they want and let it be the part of the baby’s wardrobe. This will help the mommy in arranging clothes and also give her the luxury to choose her favourite designs. Such creative activities will keep the party fun alive and kicking.

So go for the above baby shower ideas and have a blast with your girls!


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