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The most genius hacks for working Mums

The most genius hacks for working Mums

Have a look at some of the most practical mommy hacks that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Well, once you become a mummy, there’s no stopping the time or work. The continuous cleaning drills, the unending laundry and the constant sleepless nights can take toll on you. That is why, we want you to relax a bit and stop for a moment. Because we bring you the ultimate genius hacks that will make your parenting skills reach sky high and keep your life organized. Have a look:

Always have baby wipes with you:

No matter where you are headed, keep a pack of baby wipes with you at all times. Whether you want to visit a friend with your toddler or just need to go to the nearest grocery store, you never know when your baby decides to fill up his diaper and you get the call of duty. Apart from that, they can also be used for wiping a dirty surface or face, keeping your hands clean and quickly clean up the spilled-on shirts.

Have an online family calendar:

We all need to track dates and time when it comes to getting done with the daily duties. And a working mum needs to follow this tradition the most. That is why, you need to make your routine a bit more organised by getting an online calendar. Keep your schedule perfectly sorted out on your phone and keep it with you on the go. Set up important reminders and follow your to-do list one by one. Don’t get intimated by the long list of tasks and spend half an hour to sort them out in time zones. This practice will make your routine easy and manageable, letting you be done with the day’s tasks efficiently.

Assign chores to your kids and pay them for it:

Another great idea to get your daily tasks done is by getting help from your kids. Assign tasks such as doing dishes, making beds, mopping the living room, watering the plants to your kids and reward them with their favourite toy. You can also pay them for it and encourage them to do more the next time. Such a practice will make them active and involve them in house chores in a fun and creative way. They’ll also learn the importance of money and the hard work put it need to be earned.

Have an advanced meal prep:

This practice can bring a mountain of ease to your life, especially if you’re a working mother. Use your Sunday to prep the week’s meal. This will help you stay on track in regards to your dietary requirements and free you from daily cooking worries. Your kids will always be served with home cooked meals and keep them healthy. Preparing your meals for the week beforehand gives you ample time to focus on other tasks during the week.

So try out the above ideas and make your life a piece of cake!

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