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Baby Food Recipe: Fruit Puree!

Baby Food Recipe: Fruit Puree!

If there’s one thing we love, it’s food! For mums and bubs alike. When your little one starts to move onto more solid foods (even if it is mostly of mash substance) it can be tricky to know what kinds of fruits, vegetables and flavours to include. Of course store-bought baby foods are a massive time-saver, but it can be rewarding to play Masterchef and create your own meals for your baby. Not only that but making your own can save a lot of money. Pro tip: bulk meal-prepping mash’s, sauces and blended foods and dividing them into ice cube trays creates perfect baby sized portions for freezing!

A great way to get some baby-proof recipes under your belt is to start with a smoother blend or mash and then simply add toppings or harder solids as they grow. One of favourites is just below:

A small ripe banana
A small ripe peach
2 strawberries

Peel and dice fruits
Heat a pan and sauté all fruits for 2 minutes
Take an electric hand beater and blend to smoothen the mixture

If your little one is under 6 months, this blended puree is a delicious way to start introducing them to some fruity flavours. Once they are slightly older you can skip out on the blending step and serve up some chunkier mash of the diced fruits. You can also swap in and out flavours as you choose! Tag us in your little creations

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