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Planning a Kid-Friendly Party

Planning a Kid-Friendly Party

Planning an event where children will be guests is as tough as it comes. Things have to be appropriate, entertaining and kid-friendly. Gone are the days of booking ‘special guests’ at events like a bachelorette or bucks party.

But planning a kid-friendly party does not have to be a snooze-fest for adults! There are ways to keep it entertaining for all, rather than top-heavy catering for one age groups.

Keep it sweet:

Keep it sweet as by having a candy buffet or, as us Aussies call it, lollie station! This is sure to be a hit with all age guests as they can help themselves to some sweet treats. 

Remember, sugar intake may affect the little ones a little differently to your older guests! Beware of the sugar high. As a more engaging activity, a lollie station allows guests to choose their favourite treats from a range usually displayed on a table or in jars. It creates a more personal keepsake, detailed to every guests taste!


Capture the memories:

Having a photo-booth at any event is a gorgeous way to keep memories of your special day. It also allows guests to take away lovely keepsakes with print-out options available. This is an all age activity. If you think back to events where there has been a photo-booth you probably remember the kids having as much fun as the adults! The props allow the older guests to get a little silly while the digital experience brings all groups together!

Allow your older guests to feel nostalgic, as photo-booths were a thing of the past until technology brought them back to life and made them as accessible (and portable!) as ever!

Go nuts:

Because who doesn’t like donuts? A donut wall is a simple, yet engaging way to involve all guests to give into their sweet tooth!

Donut walls also provide a picture-perfect backdrop for the event and a very visually appealing background for any photos. A simple DIY job or hiring the all will be a guaranteed crowd pleaser and a sure

We hope these ideas inspire you when planning your next all-ages party!

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