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Myth-busting the top fears during pregnancy

Myth-busting the top fears during pregnancy

Today we bust the myths behind the biggest fears mums and dads face during pregnancy and hopefully get these off your mind!

We all know that being a parent means sleepless nights, constant struggle, hard work and positive thinking. But, the scariest part for a lot of mums is the actual pregnancy and everything that goes along with it!  We are here to sweep those fears under the rug and instead decorate your pregnancy with positive vibes. Have a look!

Laying on your belly means the baby will be squished:

Boy does this keep us up at night! With the rock and roll going on in your tummy, it’s quite natural to build such fears. However, such a fear is completely unfounded. Let us tell you a secret - relax! Just let your body unwind the way it wants to and sleep however you like as long as you don’t get tired, your body was built with enough space for the baby to roam about. In the early weeks of pregnancy, it is quite safe for you to sleep on your stomach. Once you get later into the pregnancy, you won’t feel comfortable sleeping in that position and change it to sideways automatically! Therefore, no problem!

The face starts to change:

Well, this is a little true. According to several doctors, it is quite natural for a mother to undergo facial changes in the time when her body is on a complete rollercoaster ride. But most of it is because of water retention, weight gain, and several hormonal changes that are taking place. Even in cases where mothers claim these changes to be permanent, they aren’t prominent at all. Every mum tends to go teeny tiny changes to her overall features and it is all part of the process. They don’t make your face completely alter or change in a bad way but adds a glow to it that makes your smile shine! Its all part of the process of cooking up a baby!

Eating food that might harm the baby:

With the raging food advisors saying ‘eat this, not that’ for nine months, it’s really easy for a new mum to start developing fears and doubting every bite she takes. But apart from the obvious foods like alcohol, seafood, raw meat, unpasteurized milk or cheese, there’s nothing that really needs to be over analyzed or fearful of. One of the foods that people say is harmful is caffeine, but it is still okay if you take in adequate portions and control your intake. So just relax and stop stressing too much about all these tiny details. As long as you keep a well-balanced diet and follow a healthy fitness routine, you’re good to go!

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