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Fit Kits You'll Actually Want to Wear! Our Favourite Maternity Active Wear

Fit Kits You'll Actually Want to Wear! Our Favourite Maternity Active Wear

Finding the right fitting clothes when pregnant can be a struggle. Dressing for a new shape can be hard, especially when you and the baby are constantly growing. It is hard to plan outfits ahead of time, especially when you know there is a possibility you will be needing a slightly different size in the future.

If you are feeling confident and are excited to exercise during your pregnancy, be sure to get the all clear from your doctor. There are plenty of routine work-outs  you can safely do while pregnant as well as going for long or brisk walks.

Here at Milly and Henry we understand giving up a couple of luxuries when carrying your unborn baby. But the things you give up while pregnant should not include feeling good!

Therefore we have scoured the internet for our favourite and most reliable maternity active wear styles and brands. Ranging in prices, these brands allow you to continue your active lifestyle while looking and feeling great during pregnancy.

  1. Cotton On

It seems Cotton On have covered every inch of the fast fashion market for a reasonable price. Their maternity active wear range varies in colours, styles and all sizes. The prices range from about $19-$40 for any single piece. 

  1. Angel Maternity

Angel Maternity’s exercise range includes not only maternity clothes but also nursing ‘fits. Garments that comfortably fit your postpartum figure. Their prices reflect the quality of their pieces, ranging from about $40 on-wards.

  1. Speedo

There is a large variety of maternity swimwear out there, but Speedo’s is for those of you who like to swim to keep active. Swimming is an amazing way to take the weight off when pregnant and ease your feet and body. Speedo’s ‘suits range in price from $40 on-wards and the range include mostly two-piece.

  1. BAE

BAE active wear offer a range of stylish garments to ‘work out or stay in’. Their collection offers a variety of comfy and casual yet trendy looks. Their active-wear does not look like ‘typical’ maternity clothing with styles that are quite fitted to ones shape. Their prices start at about $80 on wards.

  1. Cadenshae

Cadenshae do all things 'new-born-mum'; breastfeeding hoodies, maternity leggings and nursing bras - just to state a few. Their range varies in price and you can find yourself all your pregnancy and postpartum active-wear needs in (pretty much) any colour, style or shape you desire!

We hope our list can help you find yourself some maternity active-wear you feel confident in and do not have to sacrifice your style!

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