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How to stay organized as a new mum

How to stay organized as a new mum

We all want to balance the work, life, family, and friends. And for that, a few tips up the sleeve can go a long way.

Some ladies just want to go where the road takes them while others like to jot down every second of every day. Whichever one you are, keeping yourself organized will make your life a lot easier and keep you on track about everything. You’ll be able to tend to your baby’s needs as well as maintain a good lifestyle side by side without fatigue and headaches. Let us show you how.

Plan the schedule according to your baby’s routine:

Something extremely important while being a new mum is to plan your daily tasks. Try to incorporate your activities according to your baby’s schedule. So while the little one is asleep, you can manage to pitch in a few more jobs and get them done with efficiently. Moreover, you can also plan your sleeping hours when the baby is at peace and implement the rule of co-sleeping with your baby. This will help you get some rest and let you bond with your baby on another level. Planning the whole day can be overwhelming but it saves you from a great deal of stress. Jot down your daily hours in little chunks and assign every task to the required time. Try to stay on track and let yourself enjoy the sense of achievement at the end of the day.

Keep track of your budget:

Having a new member can mean a lot of bills and fees. But don’t worry! While it may sound like the baby thing is taking a toll on your finances, once you sit down and manage everything, you’ll see it wasn’t what you expected. Just make a plan and budget everything at the start of the month, leaving yourself some saving as well. This will help you have an idea about all the expenses and ease your mind during the whole month. You may want to cut some of the luxuries and then compensate them at a time when you’ll have enough saving at hand. Such a simple practice can do wonders for you, letting you be the in charge of how you want to spend your money, instead of the money controlling you.

Prepare to-do lists and stick them to your fridge:

The old tradition of filling up your refrigerator’s front with millions of to-do lists and grocery lists might seem disorganized to you, but trust us! It is actually the other way around. Making lists has a huge psychological effect as it makes you feel the happiness of getting things done and ticking them off. Not only does it make you the champion of your life but brings in a more organized pattern in your daily routine. So grab a pen and paper and note down everything that needs to be done, and watch the magic begin!

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