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How to stay in touch with friends who don't have kids

How to stay in touch with friends who don't have kids

How to stay in touch with friends who don't have kids

Read below to find the right way to keep your contact with friends who don’t have any kids

Having kids changes your life completely in a way you never imagined. That includes all aspects of your life including friends, hangouts, your schedule and even your interests. In such chaos and drastic roll of changes, you often tend to forget your old friendships especially with those who haven’t had any kids yet. Because you feel that they might not relate to you or might left out in the realm of blessings.

Therefore, we bring you some of the most effective ways to maintain your friendship with your friends who aren’t parents yet. Have a look:

Don’t compare your busyness to theirs:

Even when your life changes by a complete 180 degrees after kids, you still shouldn’t compare your routine to others. You might think your schedule is packed to the brim and there’s no way you can get a few hours out to hang out with your oldies. But that shouldn’t be the case at all! No matter how much you’re occupied, refrain from throwing this image to your friends who haven’t got kids. Make time to meet them over a cup of coffee or even a walk in the park. Other than that, when your friend tells you they’re busy, don’t try to insinuate that their schedule is nowhere near yours. Try to be in their shoes and the general ethic to understand.

Invite them to your kids’ parties:

Your friends without kids really have the same love for your child just as your friends who are parents. One of the most considerate ways to stay in touch with them is to invite them to your kids’ parties. Because otherwise, they will feel left out. Such parties and gatherings will not only boost everyone’s moods but also, give your friends a chance to spend time with the little ones. Dealing with everyone equally shows how thoughtful you are of everyone’s feelings, consequently earning you a special place in their hearts. Your friends without kids are actually more capable and available for taking care of your children if any such situation occurs. All you need to do is keep in mind the general rule of empathy and be kind to everyone equally.

Listen to them:

Your life might have taken a twist and be in a different phase but that doesn’t mean you can reject the idea of someone else without kids having problems. Keep in contact with your friends even over a phone call and make sure to listen to them instead of dumping your burdens or sharing everlasting stories of how your kids mess around. Give them a listening ear to be there whenever they need you. Listen to their problems at the very least if you can’t come up with any solution. This will help them grow and manage whatever is troubling them in an effective way. Your actions will show your care and will ultimately resonate to make this world a better place!

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