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How to prepare your pets for the baby’s arrival:

How to prepare your pets for the baby’s arrival:

Don’t worry if your pet is clingy, there’s plenty of time to prepare your fluffy friend for your baby’s arrival. We bring you the ultimate guide on how to baby-train pets!

As your baby bump grows, chances are your pet has already gotten a whiff of what’s going on. They might get jealous because of the divided attention and also become fussed over all the changes happening all of a sudden. To calm your cats, dogs or other pets and keep them on regular mood for the arrival of the baby, try the following tips.

Make a racket:

With a baby comes a whole new world of sounds for most pets. A great tip is to try bringing in some toys or gadgets that make various loud noises to help your pets acclimatise to such sounds. Playing a recording of crying babies can also help your furry babies get used to it before the real thing.

Introduce them to new smells:

Get your pets to sniff every baby product that you buy. This will enable them to be at home with all the changing smells and will be a good way to introduce new smells in a strategic way. They won’t be grumpy when the baby comes because there are various smells that they are already familiar with.

Start implementing new rules:

It is very important to keep a schedule for the pets to enter or exit the house if you’ve decided to make those changes. Starting early will allow animals to adapt quite easily and won’t be fussy about it in any way once the baby arrives. They will eventually understand how things work around with all the alterations and ease your work by a huge degree.

Try to ignore them sometimes:

When the baby comes, it’s all natural for the parents to keep their focus on the infant alone. So try to incorporate this habit in your furry friend as well. It will help them to understand the situation and be used to the divided attention. Spend less time with them and more time busying yourself in daily tasks. You might find it tempting to snatch more snuggles during pregnancy period, but it isn’t optimal for them as they will develop the new habit of being closer to you and won’t leave you even for a minute when the baby arrives. So keep yourself at bay for most of the time. You partner can play the role of a stronger relationship with them during that time. It will help the attention to balance itself rather than completely cutting it out.

Introduce them to babies:

Try to invite your friends with babies more often. They will introduce your pets to the little kids and give them an insight as to what will happen. Your furry pets will be used to having a little human around and also let you test their reaction to the whole situation. This can ease your mind a lot going into the introductions with your own baby.  

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