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How to bathe your baby:

How to bathe your baby:

We bring you the ultimate guide to give a bath to your newborn baby, no stress, we got you!

When it comes to giving a bath to your newborn, more hands make lighter work. In short, make your first bath time a team sport. This type of event requires a lot of concentration and can be hard to start with so make sure you have a supporter there with you! Here are all the requirements for the perfect baby bathing.

Washing station:

Whether you choose to give a bath to your child in a sink which is layered with soft lining or a tub having a sling put in the bath, your washing station must be smooth and sensitive skin friendly. Make sure no sharp edges are protruding or any rough patches to keep the baby safe at all times during the bath. This will reduce the risk of accidental knocking. Your baby’s head is supposed to be held away from the faucet to avoid any head banging as well all know it’s easy for babies to move unexpectedly.

Warm room:

It is very important to maintain the temperature of the room to be slightly warm. Taking out the baby of the warm water makes his body immediately cold. So a warm room keeps the baby at an optimal temperature so as to not catch a cold. It is very hard for an infant to regulate the body temperature efficiently, so you need to take into account the temperature of the surroundings.

Water level:

The level of the water should be three inches in the tub. Keep the temperature a bit higher than lukewarm water. Check the temperature by dipping your hand and wrist into the tub to ensure it is bearable and the water is soothing for the baby’s delicate skin. When you put the baby in the tub, turn off the faucet as you don’t want any chance of the water rising too high or risking the temperature altering quickly and turning extremely hot or cold.

Plastic pitcher or cup:

Use a pitcher or up made of plastic to pour the water over your baby and rinse him or her thoroughly. You could also squeeze a piece of cloth over the head to rinse it deeply. It brings the water in the adequate quantities and ease the bathing so he isn’t too scared of bath time.


Though some people don’t use soap on their babies and only rinse the body with water, sometimes, the soap becomes necessary to deal with the dead skin and dirt that accumulates on the body. Do not use too much of it as it may dry the skin and make it flaky. You may also go for a natural baby wash in a bottle that can open up with one push of the finger.

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