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Having the best pregnancy possible!

Having the best pregnancy possible!

We bring you tips to enjoy the pregnancy period!

Being a new mum can be overwhelming with all the perks and difficulties. But it is all a natural process and needs to be taken as an opportunity for self-care. Beat the old myths of hiding at home, eating tonnes of ice-cream and acting miserable.

Try to be more active:

We know the millions of excuses that swirl in our mind when it comes to exercise. A major boost of mood, fewer pains and aches in the body, and healthier version of weight gain and just some of the benefits of being active during your pregnancy. It also helps for an easier delivery process and can make it a faster process. So just keep these endless benefits in your mind and get to work for you and bub. Aim for almost 30 minutes per day and opt for the exercises that make you utterly happy. Make sure you check with your doctor first if you’re worried about any movements hurting you or the baby.

Get the body pillow for ease:

Partners might not be a fan of them but you will absolutely fall in love with body pillows. Especially, as soon as you cross the midway peak of your pregnancy period, you’ll find it quite difficult to find restful positions that might give you peaceful sleep. When you’re in the habit of sleeping on your stomach or back, it becomes hard to sleep after a couple of months. A body pillow is extremely useful and becomes flexible however you want it to position (like placing it between thighs), making your side positions the source of a long, sound sleep.

Enjoy a pedicure:

Nothing beats the feeling of a good massage. So get into a massage chair and have perfectly painted toenails with soothing feeling of relaxed feet. It will help the blood flow and also make your body relaxed by a huge degree – it’s the perfect time to take a load off ladies! You deserve it!

Get in the yoga pose:

No one can deny the countless benefits of yoga. And it becomes a gold ticket to a healthy pregnancy. So get yourself in the habit of practising regular yoga by joining a class or doing at home with any online video. Attending a class also gives you the opportunity to make new friends who are also becoming new mums. Avoid any dangerous poses like body inversion, upward bow or balancing the body on one leg because the centre of gravity changes when one develops a baby bump. Just go for the easier poses and focus on regulating your breathing. This practice will also help you during labour.

Attend a birth class:

Thinking of getting the baby out of the body can be quite daunting. But attending a birth class gives you all the insight as to how the process will take place. You can also earn the tips and tricks that will help ease the process and enable to stay relaxed even while thinking about the pain.

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