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Getting your home ready for a new child

Getting your home ready for a new child

Excited to welcome the tiny addition to the world? Well, don’t forget to prepare your home for it as well. Let us show you how.

Nothing compares to the joy of being a new parent. The excitement which makes you hop around preparing for the big day is rejoiced forever. And finally the day comes when you enter into the world of parenthood – all concerned and over thinking. But before you reach that stage, we are here to help you get your home ready for this life-changing modification in your family. Here are some of the tips you need to consider to make your place welcoming. Have a look:

Make preparations for visitors:

Before we even start the baby talk, you need to do a deeper reality check. Yes, we’re talking about visitors and guests. Think about the adjustments you need to make for the mother or the best friend’s long stay. Keep in mind the stuff they’ll need beforehand and assign a cabin for it. This will free you from the eleventh hour rushing to get extra towels or sheets. Not only will it be a welcoming gesture for the visitors but also put your mind at ease as soon as you come back from the hospital, making it a win-win for all. Stack your home with extra food, snacks and drinks for the guests’ arrival.

Give your home a safety check:

Now let’s talk from the baby’s point of view. Whenever we say baby, we think about clean and hygienic environment. And that is why, your home needs to be an utmost reflection of such an atmosphere. Thinking about crawling babies or toddlers meddling up with drawers and harmful switches might seem like ages away, but trust us, it’s not. Give your house a thorough check for safety before you get all sleep deprived later in life. Free yourself from all the worrying later because babies seem to grow overnight. Keep your medicines and cleaning products locked in a cabin. Use magnetic locks on the drawers that are easily reachable. Install smoke detectors and take other safety measures to free your home from all sorts of potential dangers.

Clean, clean and do some more cleaning:

We often tend to target only the general areas for cleaning. But guess what? You miss out the red zones. You might think the dirtiest and germ-prone areas are doorknobs and light switches, but that’s not all. Kitchen sinks, toothbrush holders, countertops, cutting boards, faucet handles, refrigerator doors and other such areas that we use a lot on daily basis need to be cleaned thoroughly as well. Let your partner give a deep overall view to the house while you recover and relax in the hospital. Moreover, keep the wipes at a reachable place at all times so you can use them more frequently. Such simple steps will make your place a sanitary heaven, greeting the new family addition with both arms.

A baby is a blessing who brings along a drastic life change. Follow the above tips to ensure a safe welcome for your little one.

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