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Exciting ways to announce your pregnancy

Exciting ways to announce your pregnancy

Breaking your baby news is the one of the most exciting parts of this beautiful process. So why not announce it with a bang?

Announcing your happy news through cards is so last season. While it is adorable in its own way, it doesn’t showcase the actual excitement you feel nor involve your loved ones enough! It’s time to get a bit creative and try a different approach. Stuck? Not to worry! We have researched high and low to find you some of the most amazing ideas to reveal the secret. Have a look:

Make a movie poster:

If you have a friend with good editing skills or are good at it yourself, then put them to use. You could edit a maternity movie poster and add a fun slogan to it, highlighting the fact that this surprise is ‘coming soon’. From here you’re able to post these on social media and have fun receiving comments from your loved ones! Collaborate with your partner on this one and come up with something super fun that really shows off who you guys are as a new family. This will make up for an amazing poster for the newborn’s arrival. Definitely an interesting and fun way to break the news! Environmentally friendly too with no huge stacks of paper used!

Swap the gender:

The old gender swap is the perfect way to announce your pregnancy. Arrange a costume party at your place and let your husband play your part. While he is not able to be pregnant himself, his hilariously amazing attire will announce the baby’s arrival in an awesome way. A gathering is the ideal way to let everyone know at once and note their reactions. The ultimately surprised expressions and spontaneous greetings are the most cherishing memories. Face to face is the most personal way you can announce this to family and friends, plus parties are always a joy!

Using a wine bottle:

This is yet another fun announcement idea. All you need is a bottle of wine and write a mourning slogan on it to show your sadness for leaving drinking for 9 long months. Imagine the reactions it will receive when your friends and family find this picture on their social media. This subtle hint will harvest maximum laughter and surprise and totally stun your loved ones. Moreover, it doesn’t involve much effort and you don’t have to involve other people. Just post a picture of wine, write an amazing caption and that’s it! Subtle and effective!

Click on the right spot:

Usually, it isn’t polite to click someone’s picture while they’re in the bathroom. But capturing a picture of your wife by the toilet or simply of the bathroom door and captioning - ‘not the flu, it’s the baby due’ under it is the perfectly hilarious way to announce the baby’s arrival. Anything with a fun element in it can be really captivating and will speak louder for you. So just let your creative juices flowing and gather maximum laughter out of your friends and family.

Choose any of the above interesting ways to announce your pregnancy in a fun way. Your loved ones will absolutely adore these ways and also, they’ll make cherishing memories.

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