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How To: Create The Perfect Nursery

How To: Create The Perfect Nursery

At Milly & Henry we love celebrating all things newborn! The excitement of a new bundle of joy is unparalleled, and nesting before they arrive is a big part of the journey. Creating a nursery that works for your family isn’t an easy feat, and all things storage, colours, furniture and much more have to be taken into consideration. Read below our top tips for creating the perfect nursery.

Invest in a beautiful crib
Before plotting out the nursery of your dreams, it’s time to choose a crib! Do your research to find one that will work best for you and your baby. After this purchase you will then know what style to work into the room, how much extra space you have or need, and what layout will work best for you.

Storage galore!
Never underestimate the amount of nappies you will need! Installing dividers into shelves and storage compartments underneath changing tables or cribs will help store all of your new and necessary bits and pieces.

Leave room to grow
As exciting as it may be to fill a room full of newborn goodies, your baby will eventually become older, and bigger! Allowing room to install a small bed for a toddler, or more storage for larger clothes will help in the long run.

Don’t forget about lighting
Trying to get your nursery as dark as possible in the middle of a bright sunny day is the ideal, so lighitng is a big factor to take into consideration. Invest in blackout blinds and light dimmers to make sure that it is as easy as possible for your baby to fall asleep.

Pick the perfect palette
Remember that although Pinterest nurseries may be colourful, bright and beautiful, this is the room where you are trying to teach your baby to sleep! A room painted with bright and loud colours will be distracting to your little ones eyes as they are trying to nod off. Try to choose more muted or pastel colours, or simple colour schemes that leave a calming effect for you and bub.

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