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10 Things You Must Know When Creating a Birth Plan

10 Things You Must Know When Creating a Birth Plan

A birth plan is a way for you to communicate your ideal needs and wants to your medical staff and family or partners that will be present during your birth.

Here at Milly and Henry we are all about supporting mums-to-be as much as we support current mums. We have scoured the internet and drawn from our own experiences to provide a guide that entails many details of birthing plans!

When starting to write and create your birth plan it is important to go through it and discuss thoroughly with your midwife.

They may bring new suggestions or think of things you have not considered. They also have the experience to justify any adaptions they may think of.

A birth plan might include:

  • Your birth partner
  • Who will be in the room
  • Potential positions for labour and birth
  • Speeding up labour
  • Type of birth you’d like to have
  • Pain relief 
  • Birth pool
  • Other birthing equipment
  • Assisted birth
  • Unexpected situations

Talking to mother’s who have given birth at the hospital or birth center you are planning on going to can be a great way to start your birth plan.

Communicating effectively with your midwifes and support system (family, partners and loved ones) will ensure a smooth(er) birth process.

There is so much information out there regarding a birth plan but it is important to remember every single birth is unique. Even if you have already been blessed in experiencing childbirth there is no telling that your next will be in anyway similar!

When making decisions about your birth plan it is important to base them off credible and correct information. 

It is really important to remember a birth plan is not set in stone and is most likely going to change. Certain elements of the birth plan will change due to the unpredictability of the human body. No body can completely foresee their birthing process including the labour as well.

Being comfortable with your medical team and support system will allow you to be more comfortable when things change and your birth plan have to be adapted.

We hope our guide to creating a birth plan has helped clarify some important factors!

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